28 de novembro de 2012

Solidarity Portuguese Dockers

                                                                           28th November 2012

Dear Brothers and sisters,

Message of Solidarity

We send to you our international greetings and solidarity. We watched with admiration your struggle and the European general strike in which we understand you participated in strongly.

We and our members know something of your struggle. We know the attack on your rights is an attack not only on you, but your families, your partners and your children. We and our members also know your struggle because some of us were part of or worked closely with the dock workers in Liverpool in 96-98 and know how the precarious hours, the telephone calls by the employer for a summons to work on a Saturday night was taking the life out of workers and putting huge pressure on their families.

As the Liverpool dock workers used to say the ‘world is our picket line’ and we extend our support with the same feeling.

Today workers across Europe, and the world, are fighting against austerity and the attacks on the public and private sectors are mounting.  We know that behind the British government stands the European Union, the IMF and the banking system. As the crisis deepens we need ever closer ties and we can raise greater awareness of your struggle.

Please keep us informed of your fight.

European workers united in struggle can never be defeated."

Yours in Solidarity,

Maria Checkland  - Branch Secretary

Michael Tighe – Branch Chairman

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